• Joe Henkel

I'm Back - Spoken Word Poem

Yo, What up friends?

I'm Back!

It's time to wake up. It's time to go.

I'm just getting started and I want you to know

I've been a little quiet, but haven't quit the game.

I've just been listening to what God wants me say.

Playing chess, planning out my next moves,

I'm not about to quit and I ain't ready to lose.

Life's not always easy, it gets real hard,

I've been through a lot of trials and fire so far.

Nothing shook me more than when my big bro died

And it's left a strange motivation down deep inside. 

It really hurts and it makes me cry,

Yo, It's made me realize I've only got one life,

So I'm about to live it up for what's good and right.

Adversity, it keeps on coming,

But you know me, I'll keep on running!

Depression and lies called and said they hate me,

so I told them, I hate them too.

I'm sick of all the trash they've been dragging me through.

The devil called and wants to buy my soul from me,

But sales callers and scammers can't buy what God set free.

I won't give up and I won't give in

I won't follow my heart or follow my sin.

I've been knocked down and had my share of defeat,

But I repent of my sin and rise to my feet.

You all know I've had some losses and victories

And I don't need condemnation or plastic trophies.

Lord, I need you. Teach me lessons about humility.

See, I'm a student about to finish another masters degree.

Two years of being an assistant pastor,

But why would these successes even matter if I just make it about me.

So yeah, let's go!

I'm not about to be another average Joe,

When I said Everything Changes, I wasn't just talking about the past.

I'm looking ahead to the future and I'm ready to make an impact!

If this was just about me, I'd log out of media forever,

But instead, I'm obsessed with creating content that will help each other.

If I was an artist, I'd make a track or an album.

If I was an author, I'd write a blog or even a book.

Just take a look, Life is Beautiful so get ready for a surprise.

God gave me gifts that I'm not willing to hide

And you would realize what I mean if you read between these lines.

I've been staying up late, writing more poems.

I've been planning out how I can serve through these videos.

We're gonna use these platforms to show that we love and care,

Because it's the message of love people need to hear.

This ain't about the number of subscribers or shares, but about people with souls.

Because who cares if we're famous and known, but ignoring individuals.

These are just tools this internet, YouTube, and Instagram,

But through them we're sharing what we got

And praying for strangers, friends and fam.

It's all about Encouraging each other to passionately follow Jesus Christ!

Sharing the gospel and telling people how it changed our life.

Jesus follower is more than just a name.

For us, Following Jesus is our everything.

We live for Him. We will die for Him.

So we're back. Let's go!

Only got one life and we're gonna do our best to make Jesus known.

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