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The #1 Key to be Spiritually Encouraging!!

One of my main goals in life to encourage and share the love of Jesus with other people. We all need to be encouraged and to encourage others. Encouragement is more than making people feel better or fixing people. See, encouragement is very different way than inspiration or motivation. I like feeling good and being motivated, but these things only touch our lives for a few moments. Some motivational words or inspirational song will hype me up or effect my emotions. Yet, motivation without purpose or truth is empty. I look at encouragement as so much more. Meaningful encouragement always has purpose and is always based on truth.

Here's my reminder for you: Encourage people, but you don't need all the answers and you don't need to try to make people feel "better." We don't need to fix people either. If you want to be an encourager, continually be there for your friends and remind them what's good and true. The people around you need to be reminded of their purpose, what's true about them and what's true about Jesus. 

Our encouragement must always be rooted in what's true.

Here's a really cool application of this principle. The greatest struggle we face in this life is the pain of death. As a Jesus follower, I believe that I will spend eternity with Jesus. First Thessalonians 4 reminds the believer of the eternal hope that we have. The hope that I will spend eternity with my creator is a truth that I trust and hold onto. When I've lost a loved one, people have told me things like: "it'll get better," "your friend become an angel," "you'll be alright" and "everything has a good reason." They say them to make us feel good or be inspired, but we don't really know if we can trust those claims. However, we believe Jesus words to be true when he said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." When encouraging a believer facing death, it would be wrong and false for me to make something up to make them feel better. The truth of the real hope we have is in First Thessalonians 4. It reminds us of our eternal life in Jesus Christ. The last verse of this chapter says, "therefore encourage each other with these words." I choose to encourage with Jesus' words which are true. In His Word is where true hope and encouragement can be found. 

Be an encourager and share God's hope and love with those around you!

I share more about this key to be an encourager in this 4 minute video.


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