• Joe Henkel

This Pandemic stinks, but it's OK

There's so much that I see my friends struggling through right now. Losing a job, facing depression, and confusing routines are all things that I see my friends wrestling through. The fear of the unknown seems to be on everyone's mind over the last few week. I just wanted to remind you to have perspective and gratefulness.

There is so much to be thankful for even in the midst of this pandemic. As long as one of my family members or friends don't die because of Covid, I'm gonna be alright. All the other struggles that come as a result of the Corona Virus, can and will be fixed. We should have so much care, empathy and compassion for those who are personally facing the results of this pandemic. We weep with those who are facing death or health struggles during this season. Still, we're grateful if we aren't facing those terrible trials right now. My point is as long as you or a loved one doesn't die, you're gonna be alright. And as a Jesus follower, I believe that I'm gonna be alright even if I die.

In five years, most of the struggles we are having right now won't really matter. This confusing season will pass. There's so much that we can still be grateful for during this season. I'm thankful for more time to create videos, because I don't have anywhere to go. I'm thankful that I'm able to connect with my friends through the internet. I'm thankful that Jesus is faithful when the world is confusing. "In everything give thanks." There's so much to be grateful for right now. 

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