• Joe Henkel

We Still Weep :(

"Jesus Wept"

When Jesus' friend Lazarus died, he cried (Jn. 11:35). He cried, even though He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead moments later.

Jesus and His followers weep. Sure, our faith is in God and we know that believer's are in Heaven with God and when Jesus returns there will be no more death, but even though we know a resurrection is coming we still weep. We will cry and often be sad until we are all in God's presence and He wipes our tears from our eyes (Rev 21:4).

It's good to cry. We are saddened by sin and it's consequences. We hurt when those we love hurt. We cry over the loss of those we have known of, but have never met in person. Sometimes we experience depression over our death and our losses. Jesus followers laugh, rejoice, rest and hope, but we also weep.

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