• Joe Henkel

You MUST use social media to share LOVE and HOPE!

You are called to share God's love and hope with others.

It is your calling to use social media to share love and hope. Everyone who is reading this has the responsibility to use social media to help others. I'm not saying that everyone has to be on social media or has to be deeply engaged on any certain platform, but I am assuming that because you are reading this post that you actively use social media. In a way our social media accounts have become an extension of ourselves. It's where we go to share about ourselves and connect with friends. I've often heard people online use the phrase "IRL - In Real Life" to distinguish what is happening online and in person. The thing is whether you are interacting with people in person or online, everyone is a real person. 

We are to love and care for real people. That is a principle that is found throughout God's Word in embedded in our conscience. Our love for others should not be limited to only in person interactions. Our morals and ethics should be applied to every area of our lives, including social media. We are to do as Jesus said and "love one another(John 13:34)" and the way we are to love one another applies to social media. So whether we are at school, work, church, or on social media, we are to be kind and love others. 

Jesus' command to "love one another" applies to every area of our lives including social media.

Each of us have the responsibility to share hope with others. People around us don't just need to experience love, they also need to know what their purpose is. Everyone needs to know their calling in life and why they are alive. Many people are still searching for their meaning and others believe they have found it. We are all on a journey to find out and live out our "why" and each of us want to be encouraged and supported along this journey. Personally, I'm overwhelmingly convinced that the ultimate purpose for each of our lives is to follow and glorify God through a relationship with Him. The Bible presents the good news that "Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said. He was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day.(1 Cor. 15:4)" The Bible teaches that though faith in Jesus we can have a relationship with Him and eternal life. The message of hope that I believe is the message of the gospel, so the content that I'm sharing is centered around Christ's message. Each of are to share hope with others and if you are a Christian, your specific and ultimate message of hope is the gospel of Jesus. 

If it is our calling to share hope with others, we should be sharing a message of hope in every area of our lives. Specifically, social media is an incredible place to share hope. Social media is where people are sharing messages and what better message to share then one that we believe gives hope to others. So, it is your responsibility to use social media to share love and hope.

How are you going to live out that calling on your life? Let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree? 

In an upcoming post, I will be posting specific ideas on how we can love others and share hope through social media. Thanks so much for reading this post, if it's been an encouragement would you please share this with a friend?

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