• Joe Henkel

Your silence will be heard...for centuries.

Your great-granddaughter is gonna read your Facebook posts and you're not going to be able to lie to her. Our life's history is going to be massively exposed and hold us accountable, because of the internet. History is being recorded way more and way faster now than in the past. Information about regular people like me and you is going to be readily available for centuries to come.

I think of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was hated by most people when he was alive, but now is rightly celebrated as a hero. MLK was a man who changed the world and helped so many people. Yet, most of his contemporaries disapproved of his work or fought against him. Most "common" people had opinions about the Civil Right Movements that were never recorded. Many of those regular people don't have their names recorded in books or documents that we can read. Many who supported or ignored racism in the 50's and 60's were forgotten or they changed their own stories. History will not be so easy on those who are alive today. What we choose to say or not say will be noticed by our future generations. What is recorded on social media and throughout the internet will expose us and keep us accountable to the truth.

Humanity often chooses the easy road of what's popular, that's why massive amounts of people have supported and ignored wickedness and injustices throughout our history. We must look back and condemn centuries of slavery, stealing land from native Americans, concentration camps which held Asian-Americans in the 40's, evil lynchings in the 60's and other wicked things that happened throughout history. For some reason it's even harder to stand against evil that is happening in our time. Some people around us have hearts full of evil and others minds full of confusion, rather than hearts chasing truth and goodness. 

Friend, choose to follow what is good, right and true. Choose to stand against evil and injustice. People are watching what you do and say. Your voice, silence, actions or apathy will be exposed and you will be held accountable to the truth.

So to my great-granddaughter reading this in 2092, come visit 98 year old Grandpa Joe in the nursing home and ask me about my stories and poems. Or if I happened to die at 30, know that I tried to use my life to protect humanity, stand against racism, help the poor, care for our planet, follow Jesus and love people.

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